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Best. Concert. EVER.

I know I’m a few days late posting about the Green Day concert, but it was awesome.  Franz Ferdinand opened, and they were loud and pretty good.  After Franz, a drunk bunny came on stage, and I’m pretty sure it was Billie Joe.  Then, we heard “Song of The Century” and the beginning of “21st Century Breakdown” as Green Day came onstage.  I wore my new black and purple dress and I’ve never rocked out at a concert like I did that night.   I was kind of familiar with the things they do live, like how Billie does a call-and-return “Heeeey-Oh.”  They played a lot of my favorite songs, and even a couple that I didn’t know. 

There’s a few videos on YouTube of the show.  Here’s one of the final song:

During “Longview” They brought up two people to sing.  The girl that went up first did awesome and really rocked out, and the guy after her was pretty good, too.  But when the guy was done, he ran off the stage to do a spontaneous stage-dive that no one was ready for.  They dropped him, and I was so scared that he broke his neck or something and the show would be over.  Then they lifted him up all right, only to drop him again.  Billie said what we were all thinking, “You stupid mother-fucker!”


We don’t care if we cause a commotion

Remember the dress I wanted?  Well I finally got it today!  I love it so much.  I cannot wait to rock out at the Green Day concert in this thing.

Just for funsies:

We’re wicked crazy, yeah we’re all that.

I saw this video on MTV at 7:30 in the morning and loved it, and now I’m listening to it obsessivly.

I think it’s going to be my anthem for this school year.  At least until I get sick of it.

In about one year, you’ll have it all figured out.

These big city dreams are what you’re about.

It seems like everyone that goes to my high school hates this town and just wants to get out.  I’ve never felt that way, because I like it here.  I mean, I wouldn’t want to stay here forever, but I’m happy with going to school here and the life I have here.

I found something in a notebook that I wrote on the last day of school that was inspired by the line from “Big City Dreams” by NeverShoutNever! that is also the title of this post.  I wrote about how I hope that I’ll have things figured out by next year that I’m struggling with now.  I also wrote about not being confident in myself and lacking social skills.

The last thing I wrote was:

I guess I don’t need to figure it all out in one year.  That’s what the rest of my life is for.  In the book, In Their Shoes, an engineer named Tamara Hayman said one of her mentors told her, “Stop trying to figure out exactly what you want to do and just take advantage of every opportunity that comes your way.”


I wanna be her

I cannot get enough of this song.

Man, this is a kickass song.  Turn it up!

This looks awesome!

I found this trailer on, and it looks really cool.  I love just about everyone in this film, especially Ellen Page.  Check it out!

Roller derby had always seemed scary to me, because I’m sure that I would get pretty banged up if I ever tried it.  I get scared of skating in a regular roller rink sometimes!  What if I fall and someone rolls over my fingers? Ouch.  But with roller derby, it’s more like, “What if a girl pushes me and I fall and break something?”  But the women who take part in this sport seem pretty awesome, and I’m sure it builds a lot of confidence.

Another good thing about this video is that it has the song “Boys Want To Be Her” by Peaches (it starts at about 0:48).  I had heard parts of this song before, but hearing it in this trailer made me look it up on YouTube, and it is an awesome song!  What’s weird is that I had just read an article about Peaches in the newest issue of BUST Magazine, and I had wanted to listen to some of her music.