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This looks awesome!

I found this trailer on, and it looks really cool.  I love just about everyone in this film, especially Ellen Page.  Check it out!

Roller derby had always seemed scary to me, because I’m sure that I would get pretty banged up if I ever tried it.  I get scared of skating in a regular roller rink sometimes!  What if I fall and someone rolls over my fingers? Ouch.  But with roller derby, it’s more like, “What if a girl pushes me and I fall and break something?”  But the women who take part in this sport seem pretty awesome, and I’m sure it builds a lot of confidence.

Another good thing about this video is that it has the song “Boys Want To Be Her” by Peaches (it starts at about 0:48).  I had heard parts of this song before, but hearing it in this trailer made me look it up on YouTube, and it is an awesome song!  What’s weird is that I had just read an article about Peaches in the newest issue of BUST Magazine, and I had wanted to listen to some of her music.