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Two weeks and four days

I cannot wait.  I was just texting Erin, and we’re both really excited for it.  I really hope that Mom can go with us, but it all depends on how she’s feeling and if she’s up for it.  If she’s not, then we’ll probably have to go with Dad.  Either way, it’s going to be an awesome show.



We visited Mom yesterday, and she was pretty tired.  We didn’t stay too long, because she needed to rest.  Aunt Jane and Aunt Karen both called me, wondering how she was doing.  Erin also asked what her room number, so I guess she’ll be sending flowers or something, which Dad wanted to do today.

Matt’s busy with stuff at his house, because they’re making their porch bigger.  Hopefully I’ll be able to spend some time with him this weekend.  What I really need to do is figure out what we’re going to do around the house this week.  I need to do laundry, and I’ll probably have Erin or Rebecca come over to help give Suki a bath.  What I’ll probably most need help with is cooking, because I don’t think Mom will only want to eat microwaveable food.


I was walking down the street today, and these three little kids were standing on the side of the road.  They waved at me and I waved back, and right after I passed them I could swear I heard one of the little girls saying, “She looks pretty.”  Now, before I left the house, I looked in the mirror at my frizzy hair and hoped no one noticed.  Besides the frizz, I was rocking a camo skirt and my kickass XX-Hi Converse, which always give me confidence anyway, but this compliment from a little girl gave me an extra boost. 

Mom had her surgery today, and she’s in recovery now.  Dad’s going to take me to the hospital later today, but he says she’ll probably be asleep.  She’s coming home on Saturday, and I hope that I’ll be able to take care of her.

Ice cream and pizza is all I need

Today might be one of those days where all Matt and I do is argue and be mad at each other.  It already seems that way, but it might get even worse when he comes over later.

Like most days this summer, I haven’t done much.  I woke up at 11:30 and had a little bit of a DQ Blizzard for breakfast.  That was the second time this week I had ice cream for breakfast, but that’s what being a teenager is all about.  I watched a little TV, took a shower, read some webcomics, read some blogs, talked to Matt, and played Super Mario 64.  Isn’t my life exciting?  Tomorrow, Rebecca, Mom, and I are going out to do stuff around here, and at some point this weekend, Mom will show Rebecca, Erin, and me how to do some things like wash the dogs.  Both Erin and Rebecca have said that they will help us while Mom is recovering from surgery, which is awesome.

Funny how a haircut can do that

The other night I told Mom that I would go out and get something for myself to eat, and maybe go to Wal-Mart. I thought I would be going alone, because I love driving around alone. Mom asked if I was taking anyone else, and I said no, but I texted Erin and asked if she was busy, and she was. Mom then said that she wanted to go with me, but was getting a weird vibe from me. I didn’t care if she went with me. Mom started crying because she thought I didn’t want her to go because I didn’t want to be around her.

She’s so insecure about herself, and I wish she could see how great she is. She thinks she’s boring, I think she’s the funnest person I know. She thinks she’s ugly, I think she’s beautiful. She thinks nobody likes her, and I know that everyone loves her because she’s a great mom and an awesome person to be around. 

Friday night, Mom and I went to the mall to buy some pajamas for her. Dad was in a bad mood, which always puts Mom in a bad mood. She had one of those insecure moments again in the car on the way to the mall. She was crying and saying that no one cared about her, and that she hates that I’m going to have to take care of her. She also said that she has cancer. That’s what made me start crying. I waited until she calmed down to ask about it, and she said that what was on her ovaries was cancerous. But she also said that this surgery will probably take care of it, since it hasn’t spread. It still scared me, and we hugged and made our way into JC Penny.

After we checked out, Mom looked over and saw a salon in the store. She had been wanting to get her hair cut short for a long time, especially since she has a surgery coming up and she’ll be in bed for 6 weeks. She asked if I wanted to get out of there, or if I was okay with letting her get her hair cut. Of course I wanted her to get her hair cut, because I figured that it would make her feel better, and it did. I sat next to her and watched as the hairdresser cut off her long braid and shorten her hair to only a few inches. As her hair was being cut, my mom just got happier and brighter.

When we walked out, she had a big smile on, and said that she felt so good, like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. I had hoped that that feeling would last, but I guess it didn’t. I really hope that soon she finds out how great she is, and maybe after she recovers from surgery and starts feeling better, she will.

Quest for an automobile

I’ve been on a quest today to look at cars online.  First, I went to, and I really like their way of searching for what I want, but after I felt that I looked at everything within my requirements, I moved on.  I didn’t really like any of the other sites, but maybe I was just burnt out on looking.  I would really like to actually go out to a car dealership and compare cars there, but Mom won’t be able to do that for a while.  Since Mom will still be at home when school starts, I’ll probably be driving her car to school until I get my own.  Mom says that I definitely will have a car soon, but I have my doubts.  I’m keeping my expectations low, so that I’m not completely disappointed if I don’t get a car this year.

I usually keep my expectations low for everything in life, and some people might see that as being pessimistic, but for me it’s just keeping myself from getting my hopes too high.  I’m not saying that I don’t hope for anything, because I do.  I hope for what I want, but I don’t expect it.  That way, if I don’t get what I want, I’m not too disappointed because I figured that would happen, but if I do get what I want, then I’m even happier because it’s like a pleasant surprise.

I think that Mom is hoping for me to get a car in September, but we’re keeping our eyes open now.  I think that we should have been looking at cars all throughout this summer.

It feels so pointless, is anyone there?

Today has been a pretty boring day, like most of my days this summer.  Last summer was The Fun Summer, this year it’s The Boring Summer (With A Few Exceptions), and next year it will probably be The Working Summer.  The only reason I don’t have a job this summer is because I don’t have a car.  And because I don’t want a job yet.  Next summer I will have a car, and probably won’t be doing much else, so having a job would be the logical thing to do.  I know that having a job would give me money and work experience, but it’s kind of intimidating.  I’ve never been a “people person,” and I’m worried that a job would be too overwhelming for me. 

Actually, I will be working soon, but not at an official job.  My mom’s having a hysterectomy next week, so she’ll be at home for 8 weeks, and she needs someone to take care of her, and that someone is me.  Maybe my friends, Erin and Rebecca, will help, but I’m not going to expect that from them.

Speaking of Rebecca and Erin, I’m going to be hanging out with them this weekend!  I’m pretty excited for it, because I haven’t seen them much since school ended.  I’ve been looking online for things to do around town, and I’ve come up with a few things.  On Friday, Matt and I are planning on going to the movies to see the new Harry Potter film.  Monday, Matt had his wisdom teeth taken out, and he’s been hurting ever since.  I haven’t talked to him much, since his mouth hurts, but he’s been resting at home for the past few days.  I hope he starts to feel better.