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Best. Concert. EVER.

I know I’m a few days late posting about the Green Day concert, but it was awesome.  Franz Ferdinand opened, and they were loud and pretty good.  After Franz, a drunk bunny came on stage, and I’m pretty sure it was Billie Joe.  Then, we heard “Song of The Century” and the beginning of “21st Century Breakdown” as Green Day came onstage.  I wore my new black and purple dress and I’ve never rocked out at a concert like I did that night.   I was kind of familiar with the things they do live, like how Billie does a call-and-return “Heeeey-Oh.”  They played a lot of my favorite songs, and even a couple that I didn’t know. 

There’s a few videos on YouTube of the show.  Here’s one of the final song:

During “Longview” They brought up two people to sing.  The girl that went up first did awesome and really rocked out, and the guy after her was pretty good, too.  But when the guy was done, he ran off the stage to do a spontaneous stage-dive that no one was ready for.  They dropped him, and I was so scared that he broke his neck or something and the show would be over.  Then they lifted him up all right, only to drop him again.  Billie said what we were all thinking, “You stupid mother-fucker!”



Yep, Mom, Erin, Rebecca, and I will be seeing Green Day live in concert in TWO DAYS!  I cannot wait!

Erin’s been showing me tons of videos from GD’s recent concerts, and at the shows they did in Madison Square Garden, Billie told stories.  The funniest one is about how he beat up a guy in a car that yelled at him:

I hope he tells us a story!

Just great.

I got my class schedule today, and I hate it.  I noticed that I’m not able to take an art class this year, because I have to take a prep class for the PSAE.  I have my hardest classes in the morning, and each of my classes are on the other side of the school as the one before and after it.  At least I have study hall in ROTC.

All I’m hoping for is that Erin and Rebecca have the same lunch period as me, and Erin and I have Ms. A’s classes at the same time.  I’m afraid to be in there alone.

Two days ago, Erin cut my hair.  She was only going to take an inch or two off, but Mom saw that she was cutting a lot more.  Mom took over and I could tell that Erin didn’t mean to cut that much, and that she was starting to get upset.  I really didn’t want her to feel bad, and I actually like my hair this way.  At first, I was mostly worried about what Matt would think of it.  He actually said I looked nice, it just wasn’t his preference.  Now I love that my hair is short.  I told Erin about how a few years ago, I was really depressed, and I got ten inches cut off of my hair.  Mom was worried that I would end up crying, but I felt so much better, and I think that was the only thing that got me out of my depression.